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197 points in Barcelona to take refuge from the heat wave


What is a climate shelter? According to the Barcelona City Council, it is a space that provides thermal comfort to the population while maintaining its usual uses, that is, a school or a library, but also a garden, they can provide that respite that is sometimes necessary in the face of temperatures higher, an expanding phenomenon that leaves 150 dead each year and against which there is a municipal plan since 2007.

They are spaces raised as a priority for the most vulnerable groups in the face of heat: babies, the elderly, people with chronic diseases. If they are indoors, they are at a temperature of 26 degrees, the council specifies. The exteriors are parks and gardens with urban greenery and water points.

Every year, the city council announces a list of points that have these characteristics. This summer, the Barcelona City Council has 197 points available for citizens to take refuge from the clearing.

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Climate shelters have been activated by the heat wave this year. They say in the town hall that 87.5% of Barcelonans have one of these points within a maximum of 10 minutes from their home (which is not a long time unless you have to walk under a burning sun), and 37 .5%, five minutes at most (a year ago the percentage was 20%, always according to the council).

More and more heat waves

The heat alert is declared when the temperature exceeds 33.4 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days. It is estimated that 150 people die each year from causes linked to extreme heat, and the problem is expected to intensify due to climate change. The city council emphasizes that although there is now a heat wave every four years, on average, the calculation is that in the coming years the frequency of these heat waves will multiply by eight in the best scenario and by 16 in the worst.

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The 197 spaces include parks and gardens, libraries, local facilities, sports complexes, schools, museums and environmental facilities, in addition to the Center d’Urgències i Emergències Socials de Barcelona (CUESB). The schools joined the offer last year, and other educational centers have joined this year after adaptation actions: more presence of water, increase in the green area, trees and shaded areas, among other measures.

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