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5 fashion trends that Instagram is dictating (and you didn’t know)


Instagram, a universe full of ‘influencers’, is the mirror in which millions of users look to find out the latest trends. Now, the most used application in the world explains everything to its public in a summarized and organized way in its new publication, ‘The Zines’a guide that collects the emerging fashion and beauty trends present on the platform, especially inspired by young people who are generating conversations about authenticity and identity. Let the fashion ‘bible’ tremble; ‘Vogue’ has come up with a tough competitor.

The premiere of the ‘magazine’, which does not have a fixed frequency, but the ‘fashionistas’ will be able to follow all the updates through the @creators and @instagram accounts, has as the star of its cover LoriHarvey, American model, entrepreneur and member of high society. The 25-year-old daughter of Marjorie Harvey and adoptive daughter of comedian Steve Harvey works for the LA Model Management agency in the US and for Select Model Management in Europe. She is also known for founding the cosmetic firm SKN by LH.

The report was made in Los Angeles, and in it the businesswoman poses with a series of 90s outfits. Led by fashion stylist Chris Horan, the model wears everything from oversized furry hats and fishnet stockings to head-to-toe glitter.

But in addition to these ‘looks’,The Zines‘ Collect these five trends with the most ‘likes’ on Instagramand that you will surely see this summer 👇:

90s Cyber ​​’Raver’

While the metaverse continues to blur the border between the physical and the virtual, a trend based on the digital world and fluid gender is increasingly present: the ‘cyber raver’. The electronic music aesthetic of the 90s combines elements brought directly from the 2000s (cropped clothes in which the skin is left exposed), fluorescent colors, daring makeup or psychedelic prints. Second-skin dresses are also on the rise, along with sheer and shimmering fabrics, in hyper-textured ensembles and sky-high mega-heels. Nostalgic pop-punk, colorful wigs and seedy indie. This aesthetic lends itself to the desire to party that is expected for this festival season, after a biennium of drought.

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The shine to tons and look like glass It is no longer only worn on the eyelids or on the skin. It is also for nailwhere the creators let themselves be carried away by the capricious and experiment with fantasy, generously applying brilli-brilli. Gel nails are also combined with other designs and decorations, as long as they are voluminous, thick and exaggerated.

Since #freshfades Y #braidedponytails up doubles #mohawks and #rattails, cut aesthetics continue to defy conventional norms. People experiment with their hair without taking into account the classic posters or ‘books’ of hairdressing. Looking for bold cuts and intricate designs. Also, Instagram creators are incorporating cutting-edge hairstyles inspired by the anime and video game characters while redefining and challenging beauty ideals.

Since the Rainbow colors until the space aestheticthe youngest creators have chosen the knit as one of the key fabrics in recent times. Is about rework and recyclebut with a hybrid and fresh approach compared to what we’ve seen in previous seasons. On Instagram, they have shown great interest in fabrics, DIY and crochet (#croppedcrochet). Knitting and crochet have been catalysts for an emerging culturein which do-it-yourself enthusiasts showcase their creations through reel tutorials. In addition, formal garments are mixed with informal garments to create a natural style that doesn’t look stuffywhether it’s turning jerseys into shorts, t-shirts into corsets, or hand-painting and tinting old sneakers.

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New styles for the office

On Instagram, creators are redefining style when it comes to work, combining more formal garments with more casual ones in order to create a effortless style (easy, effortless; jeans, ballerinas and a white t-shirt, for example, would be the traditional one) and not very ornate. The key today is to give much color.


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