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90 million from the Government to renaturalize abandoned mines and quarries


The Council of Ministers has authorized allocating 90 million euros for the environmental restoration of areas degraded by mining where it will undertake 89 rehabilitation actions with which sources of contamination will be eliminated in these enclaves, which they will naturalize and become carbon sinks.

The agreement includes the distribution criteria and the territorial distribution of aid to recover areas degraded by mining in the past. According to MITECO, the actions will reduce the risk for nearby populations and wildlife, by eliminate pollution sources, and naturalize and transform restored areas into natural carbon sinks.

Specifically, the plan prioritizes closed and dangerous mining facilities included in the inventory created with Royal Decree 975/2009, and those actions that can achieve 50% execution of the funds awarded before June 2023.

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The agreement was presented at the Sector Commission on May 13 without objections from any autonomous community and will now be submitted to the Sector Conference on the Environment in order to proceed with the transfer of funds.

Greater allocation for Andalusia, Castilla y León and Cantabria

By autonomous communities, The one that will receive the most will be Andalusia, with 29.4 million euros, followed by Castilla y León, with 17.1 million euros and Cantabria, with 10.8 million. The Region of Murcia is not included in the agreement due to the unique treatment granted to the mining basins around the Mar Menor, which will receive 40 million, as established by Royal Decree-Law 27/21.

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The 90 million aid is added to the 698 million already transferred in 2021 within the framework of Component 4 of the PRTR, which has an allocation of 1,642 million to achieve a good state of conservation of ecosystems through ecological restoration and to reverse the loss of biodiversity, guaranteeing a sustainable use of natural resources and the preservation and improvement of its ecosystem services.

Specific, the agreement commits to rehabilitate at least 50% of the 20 mining sites before July 2023 and to complete the restoration of at least 30 old mining sites before July 2026, including soil decontamination, recovery of morphology, and restoration and naturalization.


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