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A misunderstanding triggers a wave of rumors about the divorce of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett


A month after the controversial slap that Will Smith hit Chris Rock in an attempt to “defend” his wife, Jada Pinkettthe media is fueling rumors of divorce of this Hollywood marriage, and have even dared to make hypotheses about how the fortune from both. All as a result of an article published in Heat Magazine, which the magazine itself has already deleted.

According to Heat Magazine, the speculation “is the result of Bad interpretation” of an article of his, which is “no longer available”. And he explains a series of reasons why the press should “stay away” from these rumors.

In the first place, the portal points out that the couple has not spoken at any time of divorce, and that in their already deleted article they simply appreciated that, in case of separation, “Will would have a fortune of $350 million of which Jada would be entitled to half under California law.”

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Likewise, the English magazine reports that, as a result of the incident of the Oscar, other rumors arose around Will Smith. One of them was that the actor was arrested -which did not happen, since Chris Rock did not file any complaint-, or that Rock had a pad on his cheek and that the slap was part of a script, which was not true either.

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