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A spontaneous breaks into the trial between Heard and Depp: “Johnny, I love you! This baby is yours!”


the mediatic defamation trial that confronts the former couple formed by Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard in Fairfax (Virginia, United States) and who is already on his 22nd day, lived on Monday one of his strangest episodes when, moments before the session began, when the judge was not yet in the room, a spontaneous with a baby in her arms, she claimed the attention of the whole world by proclaiming her love for the actor, to whom she then announced that the child she was carrying with her was hers.

According to Law & Crime, the medium that is reporting on the trial, the woman, who would have sneaked into the room, shouted: “Johnny, I love you! We are twin souls!“. Later, before being evicted from the court, she said: “This baby is yours!“.

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Every day, several dozen people line up outside the place where the trial is being held in the hope of getting one of the 100 tickets that each day give the right to follow the process live.

This afternoon, the intervention of the model Kate Moss, former partner of Johnny Depp between 1994 and 1998, has stated that the actor never threw her down the stairs, a rumor that had been fueled by Amber Heard herself.

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