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Aitana becomes an entrepreneur and invests six figures in her new business


everything it touches Aitana Ocana becomes Prayed. Appears at the top of the playlists of Spotify since he excelled in ‘Operation Triumph 2017‘. the menu of McDonald’s that she promoted despite being celiac and not being able to eat it, swept it away. Their haircuts and their ‘outfits‘ cause trend. He has made the leap to the big screen: just a few days after finishing filming ‘La Última’, the series of Disney+has already embarked on the movie ‘Behind the wall’ for Netflix. Singerinfluencer‘, actress, model Y… businesswoman. The 22-year-old has created a business that has nothing to do with everything he has done during these five years of hits. In addition, he has invested a significant sum of money.

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Aitana has entered the real-estate market: On April 13, a company was registered with an activity of real estate developmentexplains the medium ‘Vanitatis’. With the name Sop y Oli SL, it pays tribute to its dogs, soup Y Oli.

sole administrator

The artist is the sole administratorbut what is most striking is the economic figure you have invested: a social capital of over €670,000. At the moment, and with barely a month of activity, there is no property to your name. Options in the sector brick They are very broad, but it has transpired whether they will opt for the sale or rental of real estate, or for the construction and promotion of housing.

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owner of a chalet

In addition to investing part of her profits in this new business, Aitana has already made a significant outlay in 2021: she bought a chalet in Meadow of the Villain Madrid, very close to where her partner’s family lives, the actor Miguel bernardeau. The house has more than 270 square meters spread over three floors and she herself decided to reform it before moving in.

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