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Alberto San Juan puts himself in the shoes of Cristóbal Balenciaga


Alberto San Juan will be the protagonist of the first Spanish original production of Disney+, a biopic about Cristóbal Balenciaga, whose life will portray this new series, which begins a four-month shoot this Monday between Spain and France.

The audiovisual platform itself has announced the news through a new publication on its social networks, along with several images of the interpreter characterized to interpret the fashion genius.

“Participating in this project is a luxury: for the character, for the scripts, for the directors and for the team in general. It is a challenge for everyone. As always, but a little more. It is almost like shooting three films in four months, in several languages ​​and with a passage of time of several decades between the beginning and the end,” said the interpreter who won two Goya awards in a statement distributed by the aforementioned platform.

Now, with this new role, the actor will play the iconic couturier, “an enigmatic and extraordinarily talented man who defied the social conventions of the time and revolutionized the world of fashion”, as Disney+ sources have claimed.

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The 53-year-old from Madrid thus joins a team led by the creators of ‘Loreak‘, ‘Handia’ and ‘The infinite trench’, Jose Mari Goegana, Jon Garaño and Aitor Arregi, writers along with Lourdes Iglesias, and directors of this six-part fiction.

In the images that the platform has distributed, the spectacular transformation that San Juan has undergone to embody the most influential Spanish designer of all time, the son of a dressmaker and a fisherman, who Based on ambition and talent, he forged his own identity, overcoming the prejudices of an era and a terribly adverse historical context.“As soon as Alberto San Juan arrived at the rehearsal, we felt that we had found our Cristóbal Balenciaga. He is the absolute protagonist, present in almost all the scenes of the series and playing a fashion designer, which involves learning to sew or manipulate a fabric,” Goenaga, Garaño and Arregi have pointed out in a Disney + statement.

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‘Balenciaga’, whose title is provisional at the moment, It has supposed a meticulous work of investigation and recreation. Costume designer Bina Daigeler, nominated for an Oscar for Walt Disney’s live-action film ‘Mulan’, and costume designer Pepo Ruiz Dorado, direct a department of 30 people that is recreating the designs of the Getaria master.

They are part of a team of 100 professionals and 2,000 extras who, during the eighteen weeks that the filming lasts, play a hundred characters.

The Serie takes place from the Spanish Civil War to the early 1970sY It will be filmed in more than 90 locations in our country (Basque Country, Navarra and Madrid) and France (Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse).

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