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Alejandro Sanz, Shakira’s best friend in times of crisis with Piqué


When someone is in the middle of a breaking offtends to take refuge in their friends and relatives. Even more so when it comes to a complicated separation, as is the case with Shakira and Pique, who have ended their relationship after 12 years and two children together. In this case, the Colombian singer would have already found a trusted person with whom she can vent: Alejandro Sanz.

The friendship between both artists comes from long. They strengthened their relationship after collaborating on the song for ‘La Tortura’ (2005), for which they also recorded a video clip that aroused many passions. Two years later, they decided to launch another theme together: ‘I appreciate it, but no’. Since then, the two have kept in touch and have continued to show their appreciation through social media.

Knowing all the details

According to the newspaper ‘Look’, the singer-songwriter from Madrid knows all the ins and outs of the “divorce of the year”, and advises Shakira on what direction to take in this new stage. So much so, that she affirms that Sanz was the one who recommended her to his new lawyer, Pilar Mañéwho will fight for the interests of the singer in this fight against the also prestigious lawyer that Piqué has chosen.

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In addition, the same source affirms that Alejandro Sanz would also have played a key role in Shakira’s decision to leave Spain and go back to miami (USA), where she could be accompanied by more loved ones, since it is where she lived before moving to Barcelona with the soccer player. In fact, the ‘Mamarazzis’ of EL PERIÓDICO affirm that Shakira wants to go live in Miami “because she has no friends in Barcelona”

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