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Ana Peleteiro announces that she is pregnant


Olympic medalist Ana Peleteiro is news again for a new joy. The Galician triple jumper has just announced, through her social networks, that she is expecting her first child.

The woman from Ribeira bears eight months of relationship with Benjamin Campaoré, with whom he shares a love for sports, and who is already the father of two girls. Peleteiro has published an Instagram post in which she shouts from the rooftops how in love and happy she is: “I fell in love with you many years ago, but life decided that it was not our time. 5 years later, I returned it to do, but this time in a completely different way”, explains the athlete.

A few words that do nothing but draw the attention of his followers, since Peleteiro broke up with his previous partner in 2021a couple with whom he had been in a relationship for approximately five years.

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“8 months after our ‘second chance’, life surprises us with the most beautiful and what we want and desire from the first dayAnne continues.

The messages of affection have followed one another on social networks, where all his followers have plagued the post with congratulations and good wishes on his new adventure.

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