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…and Ángel Martín did not dare to take the train to Cáceres


Yesterday, Twittersaved me from hell“. This was expressed in his personal profile a day later to thank all the users who advised him not to use the train to get from Madrid to Cáceres. The words are from Angel Martincomedian, screenwriter, actor, musician, presenter and also author of the book ‘In case the voices come back’, a work that he presented at the book fair in the capital of Cáceres last week.

Ángel Martín wrote on his Twitter profile: “Out of curiosity I just looked how long the train to Cáceres takes and I’ll just say that… If you don’t come to the signing you’re breaking my life!“. And right away he received numerous responses warning him of the setbacks he could experience…”By bike it takes less“, commented one of the spontaneous.

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The repercussion

Such was the repercussion that Martín expressed shortly after: “I swear I just wrote to the publisher saying that it doesn’t cost me anything to get in the car, put on music, buy a coffee and drive pallá. you scared me, dammit“.

And finally he chose to travel by private vehicle and not get on the train to Cáceres. Of course, he achieved public success at the book signing; there was a long queue before he reached Paseo de Cánovas.

It is true that just one day before the presentation of his book, which took place on Friday, the Intercity Madrid-Badajoz suffered a delay of almost four hours. In this case it was not a fault, but a a “bureaucratic” problem in interpreting safety signs, as reported from CCOO. An unprotected level crossing at which the train driver had to stop and wait for orders caused this delay, which meant that the passengers arrived at their destination at 1:37 a.m.

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“This lack of protection of the level crossing may mean that the situation may arise in which the barrier does not go down when the train arrives and a car crosses,” they indicated from the CCOO. And they explained that there was a regulatory change in October 2020 and since then “there is a conflict between Renfe, ADIF and the State Agency for Railway Safety in Circulation on how to act in such cases.”

The conclusion, a rail service that does not give confidence to those who choose to travel to Extremadura.

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