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Barbies with hearing aids, vitiligo and orthotics, the new line of dolls is more diverse than ever


the doll brand Barbie has announced that it will release a new collection made up of more inclusive characters. They will be part of the line ‘Fashionista of 2022’and can be purchased at Walmart, Target and Amazon.

With the launch of these products, the great American toy brand tries to move towards diversity and inclusion. “We want all children to be able to see themselves, and it’s also good for them to play with dolls that don’t look like them to help them understand and celebrate difference,” Mattel Global Head Lisa McKnight said in a press release.

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In the collection we can find from the first Barbie with a prosthetic legup to a ken with vitiligo, a condition that affects the pigmentation of the skin, generating the appearance of spots. In addition, some have been included stereotyped body changes of the classic doll, including models with smaller breasts, ‘curvy’ bodies, men with a slim build and less muscle…

It also highlights the creation of a hearing impaired barbie. To do this, the company contacted audiology medical specialists who could help accurately mimic the toy’s behind-the-ear devices. This has given rise to a Barbie who wears her hair in a high ponytail, wearing a pink hearing aid. “I’m excited for my young patients to see and play with a doll that looks just like them,” explains Dr. Jen Richardson, who has been one of the company’s collaborators on the project.

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In recent years the company has striven to become increasingly diverse. In 2019 they launched a Blonde blue-eyed barbie in a wheelchair and, in 2021, a black doll with afro hairstylewhich was a worldwide success and ranked as one of the top five most popular models worldwide.

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