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Bluemarble opens the catwalk in Paris with its casual and psychedelic style


The signature of the Franco-Filipino Anthony AlvarezBluemarbleopened on Tuesday the catwalk fashion man of Paris ready to show that psychedelia also has a place in the male wardrobe when combined with casual and sportswear.

Alvarez, who in May conquered the singer Justin Bieber, who performed with a recognized pants of his brand, was based on the 1967 Monterey festival and on the performance that Jimi Hendrix did there.

It was a excuse to wear bright colors on the catwalkwhite pants, fun prints and daring sneakers.

Alvarez, a lover of extreme sports, worked his collection with very light fabrics, suitable for a small summer suitcase, with fabrics such as poplin and more technical fabrics, those that are used precisely to play sports and perspire less, as seen in snowboard-inspired pants.

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But his search for new materials did not distance him from the key household itemslike his super sagging jeans, his very wide shirts, worker-style and hand-embroidered.

The parade attracted a very young audience, including the main followers of this brand founded in 2018, and took place at the Molière Institute, in the residential 16th district of Paris.

Among its corridors, the models wore safari jackets revisited in waterproof fabrics, leopard garments and multicolored striped T-shirts.

Bluemarble has made the colors and relaxed beach style its hallmarkaccording to Alvarez’s own roots, born in New York to a French mother and Filipino-Spanish father.

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This diversity always translates into baggy pants, hand embroidery and a natural taste for color and the hippy spirit of the 60s and 70s.

“The collection contains more handcrafted details than ever,” said the creator behind the scenes, after confessing to having enjoyed “like never before” the creation of this line.

The men’s fashion shows continue tomorrow, Wednesday, with Givenchy and will continue until Sunday with about fifteen proposals a day for spring-summer 2023.

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