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BTS releases ‘Proof’, a compilation album with three unreleased tracks


the south korean band bts has announced the release of a new compilation album next June 10th. Will be called ‘proof’ and will be composed of three discs that will cover the group’s career from its beginnings until the premiere of ‘Butter’, its latest single, released in July 2021.

This new album “embodies the history of BTS” and will also include three new unreleased songs, as confirmed by Big Hit Entertainment, the band’s management agency. It’s their way of celebrating nine years of group lifeand thank the fans who have accompanied them during this time.

The design of the new format has already been published, and the presaleavailable from May 5 to June 9. ‘Proof’ will be offered in two different versions, ‘Standard’ and ‘Compact’, both with three CDs.

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It is also expected that the group formed by RM, Jimin, Jin, V, Suga, J-Hope and Jungkook; can announce fan events around the date of this ninth anniversary, the June 13thWell, it is something that the group used to do before the pandemic.

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