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Chanel caught red-handed kissing her boyfriend


After your spectacular performance at Eurovision, Chanel He has not stopped attending different commitments and granting interviews. Until a few days ago she went to Mallorca to rest.

And she has not done it alone: ​​she has done it accompanied by her boyfriend.

After the rumors that he could have a relationship with Marythe dancer whom he kissed in front of the TVE cameras after the Eurovision final, both continued playing cluelessness, and in a special installment of ‘D-Night’which was broadcast live for the first time on TVE’s La 1, left up in the air whether the two were in a romantic relationship or not.

“Are you in a relationship with the dancer you kissed?” wrote a female viewer on the show. “A relationship can be many things, really…”he dropped, while Maria completed the sentence: “We’ve all kissed everyone”.

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And to give faith to his words, Chanel asked the show’s host, Eva Soriano, to give Maria a kiss. In addition to complying with that request, Eva did not hesitate to also kiss Raquel, the other dancer, and Chanel herself.

But despite this game of confusion, Chanel Terrero, ex-partner of Victor Elijah, seems to have a busy heart for a long time. In fact, pulling from the newspaper library, the singer gave an interview to ‘Vanity Fair’ in April of last year in which she spoke about her boyfriend: “He has been living this from the beginning. He gives me a lot of stability within this madness… “, assured for the magazine.

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Now, the artist has been seen in Mallorca with her boyfriend, Bastian Iglesias. The boy who has won the singer’s heart, who is known as Afkarte or Afkar, shares her profession, according to ‘Última Hora’, and sings, dances, plays, DJs and works as a music producer .

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