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Charles of England already knows where he will live when he is king


After that on Sunday, Isabel II express in a letter his “sincere wish” that Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will be known as Queen Consort when Charles becomes Kingthe British press is reeling off the plans that the Prince of Wales has when he sits on the throne of England the day his mother, who has already turned 95, is missing. And the first thing that has transpired is that there will be palace dance among members of the royal house. In addition, as the heir himself has already commented on more than one occasion, his intention is that his reign be based on austeritythat’s why you want eliminate the official and superfluous acts of the members furthest from the throne Y center the monarchy on his family, Although your wish is keep troublesome people like his brother, the prince andrewprosecuted in the US for a case of sexual abuse with minors and for his involvement with the pederast Jeffrey Epstein.

Although in recent years it had been speculated that the Buckingham Palace It would become a kind of museum of the British monarchy where its members would not live, according to the ‘Daily Mail’, when Carlos is king he will move from Clarence House, which has been his home for two decades, to Buckingham. “The opinion of the royal highness of him is that a monarch is needed in the monarchy’s headquarters”, and that therefore, this should be “his home of him”, a source has assured the newspaper.

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“He is of the firm opinion that Buckingham is the most distinctive symbol of the monarchy and is in the heart of the nation’s capital and, therefore, that must be his home,” that same voice has insisted. “He finds it strange that royalty don’t live in the palace,” she added.

Royal residence since 1837

The Buckingham Palace is one of the most iconic buildings in the world -attracts more than 15 million tourists a year-, first used as the official London residence for British monarchs by the queen victoria in 1837. Its 775 rooms are being renovated on a budget of £369 million paid for by taxpayers. Its electrical wiring, pipes and heating had not been renewed since the 1950s. All these works are scheduled to be completed in 2027, which is why all the members of the family, including the queen, moved from there, also coinciding with the pandemic. .

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Carlos and Camilla live in Clarence House, the former London residence of the ‘queen mother’. The idea is that later it will be a workplace or that, over time, it will be the residence of one of the sons of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Buckingham open to tourists

When Charles and Camilla move to Buckingham, the palace will still be open to visitors. The same goes for Highgrove Residence – the country house and family home of Prince Charles of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall – which is also open to the public.”

For their part, William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will surely inherit Windsor Castle, although their family and work home would continue to be Kensington Palace, where they have lived since 2017. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also have Anmer Hall, at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, given to them by the queen.

For the past two years, Elizabeth II has been based in Windsor Castle, and neither Prince Andrew nor Princess Anne, who have apartments in Buckingham, have been able to use them due to ongoing renovations.

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