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China launches to conquer the Moon


China has a new Human Lunar Space Program, which will include orbiters, launch vehicles, rovers and a lunar base. Apparently, the Asian giant intends to compete directly with NASA’s Artemis Program.

The Chinese National Space Agency (CNSA) would be advanced in a new lunar exploration program that would include manned missions to our natural satellite, thinking of the arrival of Chinese astronauts on the Moon before 2030. The projects would add new technologies developed by the giant Asia in recent decades, including spacecraft and exploration vehicles. The ultimate goal would be the establishment of a permanent base on the moon over the next decade.

Although the secrecy of the Chinese government makes it difficult to officially check the large amount of information circulating on social networks and the media, an article recently published in Universe Today collects some data that seems to clearly mark China’s decision to advance in a deepening their goals on the Moon.

New Chinese technologies on the Moon

For example, according to China Spaceflight (CNSpaceflight), an online publication that provides information on the CNSA and its related programs, the Chinese space agency would have created a specific office or department oriented to the development of a Manned Lunar Program. This program will consist of robotic missions to explore the Moon, to subsequently carry out manned missions and end the effort with the creation of a base camp.

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Apparently, CNSA specialists are already working with scientists from the Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST) to develop the technologies that will support this program and make it viable. Everything would indicate that the projects for future vehicles and habitats would not be adjusted to the known Chinese designs, marking advances and innovations. It is worth remembering that China already has its history in this field: has carried out the Manned Space Program (CMS) since 1992 and the Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP) since 2004.

Among the conceptual designs that can be seen in the versions circulating on the web, a small space station stands out with two inflatable modules on the sides and a dome on the front. New rovers or lunar explorers, orbiters and a manned spaceshipwhich would follow the parameters of a Russian concept called Piloted Prospective Transport System (PPTS).

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Manned missions and bases on the Moon and Mars

According to an article published in January of this year in Deutsche Welle, the technology developed by China could lead to the arrival of astronauts from the Asian country on the Moon around 2027. In addition, the “political” purpose of the work of the Chinese space agency would be to compete directly with the NASA Artemis Programwhich promises to put the first woman and the next man on the Moon in 2024, as well as laying the groundwork for establishing a sustained presence on the Moon in the long term.

Added to this is the fact that China and Russia recently announced their collaboration for the creation of a International Lunar Research Station (ILRS). In this framework, China announced that it would send astronauts to Mars from 2033, culminating in the creation of a permanent base also on the red planet. It seems that the limit of China’s expansion in space is not easy to glimpse, promising an intense deployment in the coming decades.

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