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Chronology of the relationship between Piqué and Shakira: key moments and personal difficulties


At the gates of fulfillment 12 years of relationshipeverything points to Gerard Piqué Y Shakira have their worst sentimental crisis. “The singer caught the soccer player with another,” the ‘Mamarazzis’ announced exclusively in EL PERIÓDICO on Wednesday. For this reason, the Barça captain has been living in his single apartment for a month, located on Muntaner street in Barcelona.

Now Piqué would have a new friend, to whom Shakira also gives a face and a name. Since they met, any gesture of the couple is interpreted in the key of crisis. However, this is the chronology of the relationship between FC Barcelona footballer and the singer, with her key moments Y personal predicament They have lived through more than a decade of love.

2010: Everything started with the World Cup in South Africa

The story that has been perpetuated is that Piqué and Shakira met during the recording of the video clip ‘Waka Waka’the famous song of World Cup in South Africa of 2010. However, on the tenth anniversary of the triumph of the first star of The Redthe defender explained how he really met the composer.

They met at the festival Rock in Riowhich was held in May of that year in Madrid. “The first day I told her that we would meet in the final, I was always brave. She sang the World Cup anthem at the ceremony and I took it for granted that we would play that game,” the footballer recalled in 2020.

The world cup marked him: “I won the biggest title one can get and I met the love of my life. I came back from South Africa a different person and had an unforgettable experience.”

2011: “I present to you my sun”

After the World Cup, Shakira and Piqué started dating and became the most sought after couple in Barcelona. The paparazzi moved heaven and earth to get the long-awaited photograph that would confirm the Romance. they were seen together many timesbut the consolidation of the relationship did not come until March 2011.

The society photographers who usually work in the Catalan capital published a harsh letter in which they attacked the Urban Guard of Barcelona (GUB) for allowing reckless attitudes behind the wheel of the couple and for making their work difficult.

In the letter, photographers, news agency editors and some television programs complained about the “unfortunate attitude” by Piqué and Shakira “driving through the urban area at speeds well above what is allowed, not respecting red lights, driving very dangerously zigzagging, parking cars on the sidewalk, driving against the direction, and so on”.

It was not the only time that the defender has had problems behind the wheel: in 2014 he was denounced by the GUB for “lack of respect and slight disobedience”. A year later, the altercation was settled in court: the judge fined the FC Barcelona footballer 10,500 euros for an offense against public order.

The last incident on public roads was in 2018, when the GUB denounced him again, this time for driving around the city without points.

2013 and 2015: Milan and Sasha are born, respectively

After many rumors and several photographs in which the singer wore tummyShakira confirmed in September 2012 that she was waiting for her first son. Milan was born on January 22, 2013, in Barcelona. Through the magazine ‘Cosmopolitan México’ of the month of September 2014, the composer communicated her second pregnancy with Pique. On January 29, 2015 they welcomed Sashaalso in the Catalan capital.

2017: a song dedicated to the day they met

One of his songs by the singer from Barranquilla, ‘Me enamoré’, is dedicated precisely to the day he met the defender. “The song describes how our first meeting was and what I felt when I saw him: As if I had been struck by lightning! It was at that moment that my whole life changed,” the singer told the German publication ‘Bunte’. Among other things, she also explained that she had several mojitos with which she would be the father of her children.

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That same year, Shakira was about to abandon her profession and, thanks to Piqué, she did not throw in the towel. She thus revealed it in an interview for the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, in which the singer she has confessed that she, after being her mother for the second time in 2015, was tempted to retire from music.

“I decided that as soon as Sasha was independent enough I would go back to the recording studio. But I didn’t take into account the conflict between my two souls and the fears that arose. I had stage fright. I was confused, I was tempted to withdraw and leave everything “, he explained.

“Gerard unblocked me. He told me loud and clear that he would never allow me to retire from music. ‘You will retire when you have nothing to say. And now go out and do what you know how to do.’ He was right, I I was just scared, terrified,” added the artist.

2018: Criticism and health problems

The tax problems and of Health of the artist and the criticism of the soccer player for his positioning in favor of the referendum for the independence of Catalonia put the couple in the spotlight in 2018. Both had two great reasons to celebrate: she had won a grammy award in the category of best Latin pop music album for ‘The Golden‘ and he had renewed for the Barca until 2022.

However, Shakira suffered a hemorrhage in the vocal chords that forced her to postpone her world Tour. In addition, the Tax Agency reported her to the Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged tax offense between 2012 and 2014, considering that the artist lived in Spain during those years and, therefore, should have paid her taxes here. After years of claiming that she had lived in Bahamasjust a week ago that the Barcelona Court endorsed that the singer go to trial for allegedly defrauding 14.5 million euros.

2022: Kosmos, Piqué’s company, investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office

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