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Comedian Dave Chapelle assaulted during a performance


the comedian Dave Chapelle, who was the victim of a assault last tuesday while performing at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, while performing at a presentation organized by netflix. At one point in the ‘show’, a man, who has been identified asor Isaiah Lee, 23, got on stage and tried to knock him down. An event that could lead one to believe that the episode starring Will Smith had created a trend, although this case is more serious.

The security team and some of the guests present at the event intervened immediately, resulting in the attack Read in the hospitall and the obligation to pay a $30,000 bail. The Police have assured that the attacker was carrying a fake weapon, although he can expel the blade of a knife when fired, although he has not specified if he tried to use it.

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“I don’t know if this was part of the ‘show,’ but I grabbed this black guy by the head and his hair was like a sponge, absorbent,” Chappelle joked after the incident, having recovered from the shock. And he added, “He was a trans man”, in one more sample of his characteristic humor that has as white the LGTBI + collective.jokes about the collective

Because, although it is not a justification for any attack, the trigger could have been that Chapelle has raised blisters with his constant jokes about that group. Likewise, he has been widely criticized for publicly defending rapper Da Baby, who had affirmed that AIDS was a kind of divine punishment against homosexuals, and even came to confront several users of social networks such as Twitter alleging that his opinions were based on the right to “freedom of expression”.

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That position has put him against the American progressive movements. Especially when his verbal dispute with a tweeter who ended up committing suicide. Although Chapelle, who addressed the issue in his latest comedy special for Netflix, explained that he had actually given that trans comic a chance and that his suicide was due to his mental health problems.

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