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Cosmetics and perfumery with 100% organic certification


Coinciding with its 20th anniversary, Veritas, the leading chain in the distribution of organic products in Spain, has refurbished its emblematic store on Calle Mandri (Barcelona) with the addition of ‘Beauty&Care’, an innovative section with more than 800 references in perfumery, cosmetics and complements with 100% organic certification.

The new products offer a variety of options to maintain a conscious face and body routine, using vegan, natural and organic ingredients formulated in a responsible way. Likewise, cosmetics that incorporate recyclable containers that use the ‘upcycling’ method stand out, solid formats that are committed to ‘waterless’ and the ‘refill’ option, with which the product can be refilled, once it is finished, to always take advantage of the original container.

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In addition, this space has the advice of two specialists who serve and advise customers, “creating a more personal, dynamic and close shopping experience”, it states Roger Ripoll Director of Customer Experience at Veritas.

In this section you can buy ecological make-up products, facial creams and body creams. For example, with regard to personal and environmental hygiene, you can find feminine and body hygiene products, shampoos and gels, as well as essential oils and, in the complementation section, natural supplements are purchased: vitamins, minerals, etc.

Among the brands that can be found in the Mandri store section, Bandu stands out, a Basque company that promotes zero watse cosmetics and, on the other hand; Matarrania, which makes its organic and vegan products with olive oil. Products can also be purchased from Mándara, Annemarie Börlind, Oma Gertrude, Pura Vida and Hommo Naturals, the first brand of natural and organic men’s cosmetics.

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Lastly, the chain will celebrate in this new space of the store the so-called ‘Beauty Parties’, a weekly demonstration session of the products of the different brands that can be found in the Veritas beauty category.

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