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Custo returns to New York: “I’m from the old school: catwalks with a presence”


Custo Barcelona returned today to New York after being away for two years due to the pandemic with a daring collection that invites you to “turn on the light” and go “for all with fashion,” according to what he told Efe.

Behind the scenes, the Spanish designer Custo Dalmau was visibly happy to reunite a large audienceof about 600 people, under the spotlights and the “disco” atmosphere of the dance hall Ziegfeld Ballroomin midtown Manhattan.

Custo showed some forty autumn-winter proposals for women entitled “Light Up’ (Turn on the light), among which the bright, iridescent and reflective fabrics combined in “patchwork” and the superimposed pieces that exposed the skin stood out.

Was mini dresses and skirts with leopard prints, tight pants in semi-transparent fabricsplus-size sports-style sweatshirts and voluptuous jackets, among the leading pieces.

With its serigraphed logo and drawings, the color palette was white, gray, and beige with saturated hints of green, blue, and pink and embellished with futuristic-style metallic finishes.

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“We think that it’s time to turn on the light again and it’s dedicated to very self-confident women who want to express it by dressing in somewhat risky proposals,” he explained.

The designer, who had been coming to the Big Apple for 25 years, assured that he “wanted to go back to New York” and that he had “an addiction to the past” because he is from the “old school: catwalks with a presence”which have been suspended in parallel to social life.

“They tell you that you have to stay at home and socializing is prohibited, and fashion is a social tool. It has suffered a bit, but People really want to go out to dinner, have a drink… is willing to go all out with fashion,” she said.

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However, he acknowledged that it is a “moment of absolute change in fashion”especially because “the pandemic is still there, it is not over and it continues to affect work routines that it has tried to resume as “normally”.

“It’s hard to schedule, you don’t know what’s going to happen the next day”pointed out the couturier, that the year in which the pandemic broke out, he reached the milestone of 40 years of career and continues to be committed to the “creativity” that characterizes him.

He also recognized “enormous” the “other problem” arising from “supply of raw materials and transportation”which has “complicated a lot” the work recently.

“The tsunami we have experienced leaves sequels”summarized Dalmau, who despite everything emphasized his optimism and willingness to “come whenever possible” to New York Fashion Week.

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