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Devastated Helen Lindes loses her mother days after father-in-law’s passing


hard times for Helen Lindes and Rudy Fernandez, who in just over a week have suffered two of the most painful losses of their lives. After the death of the basketball player’s father, Rodolfo, on May 13, this Sunday the mother of the model died in Lanzarote, Norma Lindes, 83 years old.

Sick for years, Helen had a relationship very close and special with his mother and, whenever his schedule allowed, he would travel to his native island to visit Norma so that she – in poor health since she suffered severe sepsis in 2017 – could enjoy her two grandchildren, Alan and Aura, ages 5 and 3.

“Helen Lindes deeply regrets the death of her mother, Norma Lindes, at the age of 83, on May 22, on the island of Lanzarote. His relatives want to express their gratitude for all the signs of affection what they are receiving. She will always be with us. Rest in peace “says the statement that the representative of the top has made public to communicate the death of one of the most important people in her life.

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A very hard loss that joins that of Rudy’s father, Rodolfo Fernandez, who died on May 13 at the age of 66 due to an illness that the family kept in the strictest privacy at all times. A death on which Helen spoke a few days ago on his social networks with precious words that reflect the special relationship he had with his father-in-law: “Life is difficult. It puts up barriers, takes you to the limit and makes you suffer. But every day is a gift and it is within us to take advantage of it to the max. Enjoy the little things and value what we have and to the people we love”. “This week has been hard and we have had to say goodbye to someone very special. Wherever you are, you will surely find yourself in a place very similar to this “she added, with an image of the Salinas de Janubio-a beautiful and peaceful place-in Lanzarote.

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And now, when they have not yet had time to get over the death of Rudy’s father it’s their turn to say goodbye to Helen’s mother. A death about which the model has not spoken publicly at the moment, but after which the Madridista He has made a hard reflection through his social networks: “We do not mature with the years, but with the damage; each experience is a new lesson.” A few words that show how complicated these moments are for the couple, who in just 9 days have lost two of the most important pillars of their lives.

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