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Does Marc Bartra send “darts” to Melissa Jiménez on Instagram?


The breaking off between the Betis footballer Mark Bartra and the journalist Melissa Jimenez keep talking about. More than two months have passed since their separation was made public and since then neither of them has spoken about it. Nor have they explained the reasons that led the couple to make the decision to go their separate ways after eight years of relationshipfive of whom married, and three children in common. For this reason, fans are aware of everything that Bartra and Jiménez publish in the social media to find answers.

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Every step they take, every story or photo they share on social media is subject to scrutiny. Now it’s a one history Posted by Bartra in Instagram. In it you can read “you can’t control anyone’s actions, loyalty comes from the heart. Is it a message, or rather a dart, for her ex, who has already rebuilt her sentimental life?

Although the ex-partner is silent, close sources assure that in November 2021 they were already living separately and their separation was a thoughtful decision because they had been going through a serious crisis for months. In January, after their breakup was published, they signed the separation agreement before a notary.

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Jiménez announced this week that he will once again be in front of the cameras covering the Formula 1 World Championship for Dazn. Regarding his personal life, the magazine ‘Hello‘ public some photos while walking with Tom Claessen, the team manager Van Amersfoort Racing for the Formula 3. It seems that Jiménez not only has a full heart, but also shares his love of car racing with his new boy.

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