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Ecommerce, the opportunity for the growth of Spanish SMEs


Digitization has become a priority for the recovery and growth of the Spanish business fabric. We are facing an increasingly global and digital economy, with all the advantages and challenges that this entails. A great example of this change in needs is the rise of the e-commerce in Spain, which has become practically essential for many consumers and companies due to all the advantages it offers.

This consolidation is reflected in the data issued by the CNMC in April, which states that electronic commerce has reached a turnover of 14,600 million euros during the third quarter of 2021, almost 15% more than the previous year.

Given this exponential growth, retailers have seen in the e-commerce a great opportunity to continue promoting your business online, by jumping to online platforms and incorporating digital payments. However, we are aware that not all companies have sufficient means to be able to adapt to this new scenario and thus boost their growth. An especially relevant reflection in a country like ours, in which SMEs represent 62% of GDP.

Thus, there is an urgent need to invest in the digitization of SMEs, so that they can integrate the e-commerce in their business models. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the funds Next Generation of the European Union, where 3,067 million euros will be allocated exclusively to promoting this digitization. Undoubtedly, these funds represent an opportunity to accelerate the digital maturity of all our companies, promoting their full potential.

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But in addition to financial support, we know first-hand that the lack of knowledge or technical resources are some of the barriers that SMEs face when taking the step towards e-commerce. Here, it is important to remember the importance of surrounding yourself with expert opinions to start up online shopping in any company, in order to implement it in a manner adjusted to the needs of the business.

Along with this advice, it is crucial to introduce the necessary resources to offer an agile, simple and secure payment experience to consumers at all times. We talk about solutions like Click-to-Pay of Visa, a tool that allows you to make purchases in a single click on electronic commerce platforms, without having to enter card data in multiple online stores. Fast, simple and safe.

In this context, we must not overlook the fact that this change in preferences towards online would not have been possible without having previously guaranteed the security of each payment made in the digital ecosystem. To achieve this, it has also been crucial to bet on cybersecurity, as we have done in Visa, investing 9,000 million dollars in the last five years. This has materialized in a consolidated security system with fraud rates below 0.1%.

Ultimately, the e-commerce It is here to stay, which is why it is essential to continue promoting the transformation of our small and medium-sized companies. The keys? Investment in technology, and facilitating SMEs access to resources, knowledge and solutions that allow them to digitize.

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