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Exclusive ‘Mamarazzis’: Shakira and Piqué spend the weekend together after announcing their separation


They announced their separation this Saturday, but Shakira Y Gerard Piqué they are passing the Weekend together. Not as partnerbut as fathers and in family. “Your relationship friendship it is not going through its best moment, but they maintain it for the good and happiness of their children”, the ‘Mamarazzis’ announce exclusively to EL PERIÓDICO. The singer and soccer player FC Barcelona they are in Hlubokáon the Czech Republicencouraging his son Milanwhich this weekend has played an international baseball tournament.

As the journalist pointed out Emilio Perez de Rozas Last Tuesday, the Barça captain returns to reside in his bachelor apartment on Muntaner street in Barcelona. A day later, the ‘Mamarazzis’ announced that the breakup was due to a possible infidelity of the footballer with a 22-year-old blonde.

Now the journalists Lorraine Vazquez Y Laura Fa have more information about the already ex-partner, who actually separated three months ago: Piqué will continue to enjoy his holidays and will not return to Barcelona, but the artist will return to the city in the next few hours. In this sense, her sister Lucy arrived yesterday from Colombia to support Shakira and gave an interview to Fa. Asked if the breakup was expected, she nodded and said “possibly.”

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“Shakira doesn’t miss any Milan match”

“Shakira does not miss any game or any trip from Milan unless work prevents it,” explain Vázquez and Fa, while indicating that the eight-year-old trains in a field of Montjuicin Barcelona.

The first-born, eight years old, is part of the selection Catalan who has played the championship super cup under 10. The Catalan team finished fourth in a 24-team competition that began on Thursday. In total he has disputed eight games in three days that have resulted in five wins, one draw and two losses, explain Vázquez and Fa.

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What’s more, the team finished first in the group yesterday and this Sunday they have played two key matches: the first was resolved with victory, but the defeat in the second deprived Milan and his teammates of getting on the podium.

Milan wears the 14 of Cruyff?

The baseball tournament has taken place in Hlubokáa small town of 5,500 inhabitants located 150 kilometers south of prague. Milan has worn the number 14 on the shirt, the same number worn by the legendary Johan Cruyff. With the football tradition that runs in the family, it would not be a mere coincidence.

The youngest son of the ex-partner, Sasha, also feels the barca colors. the captain of the Barca player posted on friday Instagram a photo where he and his little one appears with other athletes from the club such as Ansu Fatiall of them wearing the new Barça shirt for the tseason 2022-23.

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