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Exclusive ‘Mamarazzis’: Shakira returns to Barcelona alone with her children after confirming the break with Gerard Piqué


Shakira returned to Barcelona last night alone with her children after spending the weekend in Hlubokáon the Czech Republiccheering along with Gerard Piqué to his eldest son, Milan, which has played in an international baseball tournament. The couple, who confirmed their separation, have been together “for the good and happiness of their children”, as the ‘Mamarazzis’ have exclusively explained to EL PERIÓDICO. The eldest son, eight years old, is part of the selection Catalan who has played the championship super cup under 10.

Tried to avoid the cameras

Singer landed this Sunday at 10:40 p.m. in the Catalan capital alone with her children in the private flight terminal after finishing the tournament, where several photographers were waiting for her. Shakira spoke with security personnel to try, in vain, permission for her van to enter the track and thus avoid being caught by the cameras and dodge uncomfortable questions, but it was not possible and she left holding the hands of her children. Y with sunglasses.

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The media pressure, however, continues this Monday at the doors of his house, since in Catalonia it is a holiday and therefore, there is no school.

Focused on your tour

“Shakira is now focused on her tour, while Piqué has gone on vacation with some friends,” explain Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa.

In fact, this Saturday her sister Lucy arrived from Colombia to support Shakira and gave an interview to Fa. Asked if the breakup was expected, she nodded and said “possibly.”

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