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Fernando Alonso confirms his relationship with journalist Andrea Schlager: “A powerful beauty”


The Asturian driver Fernando Alonso is not having much luck in the races due to the unreliability of his Alpine. However, it seems that his fortune does accompany him in love, as evidenced by the “official” presentation on social networks of his new partner, the journalist andrea schlagerwith whom he has taken refuge in Austria.

In an Instagram “story”, Fernando Alonso stated that Schlager, 39, who appears in a video riding a horse, is “a powerful beauty”. She had already taken her first step and had shown him last Monday on social networks of her surfing together with the text “looking forward to another summer”. In another video, the journalist puts on a mini-helmet identical to the one the pilot wore his cat “Berti” a few years ago: “Safety first”.

They both know each other because Austrian journalist is dedicated to covering the Formula 1 and MotoGP world championships in his country. This has meant that both could easily connect and, above all, have similar schedules and life habits.

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It is the first partner of Fernando Alonso with whom he shares many of his hobbies. In addition, the fact that they have a similar calendar means that both can combine their lives together. The sentimental box of the pilot was empty after breaking up, after more than five years of relationship, with the model Linda Morselli. It was in February and, although none made a public statement, the stories on her Instagram made it very clear that she was no longer with the pilot from Oviedo and that she had found another love.

Schlager also broadcasts some tennis matches. Since 2019, he has moderated the broadcasts of the Australian Open and the United States Open for the network. ServusTV.

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In 2019, Alonso’s new partner was chosen the “Austrian Sports Journalist of the Year”. In addition to having a cat, she also owns a dog and several horses that he races.

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