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First photos of Cristina de Borbón after her “marriage interruption”: alone and still with the wedding ring


Since last January 19 the magazine ‘Lecturas’ published photos of Iñaki Urdangarin hand in hand on a romantic walk with another woman, Ainhoa ​​Armentia, on the cover, the most sought-after images have been those of the infant Christina. This week ‘Hello!’ exclusively offers these images, in a extensive report which highlights the “sadness” of the sister of King Felipe VI and that despite the media earthquake caused by her husband, she still she hasn’t taken off her wedding ring yet.

“Alone, sad (even behind the mask and reading glasses), visibly thinner, pulling her suitcase, hanging on her phone… But, yes, carrying on her left hand the wedding ring that Iñaki put on her That October 4, 1997, when 24 years ago, they promised each other eternal love before Kings and princes from all over Europe,” says the text that contextualizes the images on the afternoon of February 6, when Cristina landed at Zurich airport, where he made a stopover to catch a second flight to Geneva. “Six hours earlier she had hugged her father for the last time, the King Juan Carloswho, as the journalist Carlos Herrera said these days, “suffers as any father does for his daughter.” Father and daughter had spent 72 hours together, in Abu Dhabifrom Thursday to Sunday.

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“Comfort, advice and support”

Cristina and the king emeritus had not seen each other for months. But the infanta “going through one of the most difficult moments of her life, she needed comfort, advice and support, and she sought it in the arms of her father.” There, in his retirement, in which it has been published that it is a villa of the Nurai Island (Persian Gulf)located a short boat ride from the capital United Arab Emirates.

The magazine notes that the two caught up, “surely with the Infanta Elena as a witness (…). A small family summit.”

‘Hello!’ He believes that “doña Cristina may have resolved the fate of her marriage on this trip, she may have asked her father for one last opinion before taking a new step, after having communicated by mutual agreement that they were breaking off their marriage relationship”.

The magazine highlights the ‘look’ of the infanta in the photos: hair tied in a ponytail, jeans, a scarf and a salmon-colored travel bag and sneakers. And the text: “When they were at the gates of getting the new family scene; when they were already promised very happy – her husband would get parole this year – her world fell apart.”

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Since it became known that Urdangarin was dating another woman, Cristina “has been living a new nightmare confined to her apartment [de Ginebra] with Irene, 16, as her only company, although she has been visited by Juan Valentín (22) and Miguel (19), and will soon meet Pablo (the spokesperson, “the new sensation in the family”).

Finally, the text emphasizes that “it seems that the infanta Cristina carries a huge weight on her and she looks very aloneunlike her husband, who has the full support of his family, as we have seen again this weekend.”

For their part, Iñaki and Ainhoa ​​have not been seen together since they were photographed hand in hand and, although everything indicates that they could have distanced themselves or broken up, it is possible that not everything has been said and that, with the passing of weeks or months, there are surprises (…). At the moment they continue to go daily to the Imaz & Asociados consultancy, where they work, but always avoiding meeting”.

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