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Full moon: when is the next blood moon?


This May an astronomical phenomenon will take place that can rarely be seen: a lunar eclipsewhich will match the full moon. The result of these two events will be the so-called ‘blood Moon‘, since the satellite will be tinted reddish as a result of its placement.

Why is it red?

The color change to red is due to the Sun, the Earth and the Moon will align, it is formed that our planet will be placed right in the middle and will completely cover the Moon. The little sunlight that will pass through our atmosphere will be refracted Red color and will be projected onto the lunar surface. Therefore, the satellite will be seen in an orange or reddish hue.

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When and where can it be seen?

will be the next Monday May 16 when this full blood moon eclipse occurs. It can be seen from anywhere in Spain -as long as the sky is clear-.

It will be visible just before sunrise, at 05:26, and will end at 06:50. The time maximum fullness will be at 06:14 hours and will occupy the constellation of scorpio.

It will be the first total eclipse we will see since July 2019. The next one will not take place until October 2023.

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