Home Sciences Gravitational hills: what they are and where to see one in Spain

Gravitational hills: what they are and where to see one in Spain


Can you imagine leaving a ball on the ground on a slope and the slope begins to roll uphilldefying the laws of the gravity? This is what seems to happen on calls magnetic hills or gravitational hillsand there are several scattered around the world.

Actually, it is a optical illusion which makes the human eye perceive an uphill slope, when in fact it is downhill. The phenomenon leaves images of the most curious, such as that of cars at a standstill that move upwards on their own.

One of the most amazing magnetic hills is that of New Brunswick, in Canada. Around her there are legends of witchcraft and of giant magnets buried.

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Are there magnetic hills in Spain?

In Spain we have the Magic slope of Moncayo or of Crevillent, located in the province of Alicante. A clear downhill slope for the eyes of your visitors, but not for the cars, which move uphill if they do not leave the handbrake on.

On the internet there are various videos of people showing the curious phenomenon at this point in the Valencian Community:

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