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Halsey denounces that her record company will not publish an album if it does not go viral on TikTok


haleyone of the alternative music singers nominated for the 2022 Grammy Awards, has revealed that the label to which she belongs does not allow you to release your new music if it fails to go viral on TikTok. Through her publications on this social network, the 27-year-old artist has raised her voice against conditions imposed by the seal and has given some details of what happened.

“Basically I have a song that I love and that I want to publish as soon as possible“, Halsey has declared in her first video about the conflict, in which what seems to be her unreleased song plays in the background.

However, as Halsey explains, his artistic will has not been able to fulfill due to the demands of the record label, which despite his musical career refuses to give the green light to the publication: “I have been in this industry for eight years, I have sold over 165 million records and my record company is saying I can’t release the song unless I can fake a viral moment in TikTok“.

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I’m tired

♬ original sound – Halsey

Complaint to the music industry

The complicated situation has caused the artist to expose before her followers the current state of the music industry:everything is marketing and they’re doing this with basically every artist these days.” “I just want to put out music and I think I deserve better, I’m tired“, has added.

The singer has not limited herself to posting the problem on her TikTok profile, but has taken advantage of your twitter account (@halsey) to answer some questions from his followers. Among her tweets on the subject, Halsey has highlighted that she values ​​the work and talent of the people who work at her label, but that it is not right to make an ultimatum like the one you received.

star numbers

The conditions that have been imposed on Halsey have surprised her followers, since she is not a singer who needs a boost on social networks to get more audience. The singer has more than 37 million monthly listeners on Spotify and accumulates 44 million followers among their profiles Twitter and Instagram.

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