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Have you read Shakira’s latest song?, by Emilio Pérez de Rozas


Nobody has noticed that, possibly, due to the very delicate economic, sporting and institutional situation, why not say so, of the Barcelona Soccer Cluba club run by a CEO, Joan Laporta, who has dispensed with a stroke of the pen, well, several strokes of the pen, an excellent handful of professionals, including a praised and (almost) mythologized CEO, Ferran Revertergoing on to direct the club with the complicity of a group of family and friends, you can add, in days, in hours, a delicate personal problem of Gerard Piquéthe figure, the businessman, the entrepreneur, the most representative leader of ‘more than a club’ and who, lately, apparently, is not happy, within the ‘more than a club’, to everyone, starting with Laporta himself.

Everything seems to indicate that the romantic relationship, as a couple, between Shakira and Piqué is going through one of his worst moments since they met in 2010. There are those who have seen, for a few weeks now, the Barça captain frequenting, well, reliving, spend nights and days in his old flat on Muntaner street, close to Plaza Adrià. Some of his neighbors have confirmed this to El PERIÓDICO. It may not mean anything, it may, but that detail, together with all the media noise and, especially, the night outings of ‘Geri’ as part of the young group of friends of his protégé Riqui Puig adds some uncertainty to the subject.

We must not forget that Shakira, who has two children, milan and sashawith the Barça star, the owner of Kosmos, the friend of ‘Rubi’ (Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation), has refused to marry, since he started dating ‘Geri’ 12 years ago. And, curiously, the reasons that the Colombian singer used on her day for not going to the altar seem to have been consummated in recent weeks and have pushed her to change her life.

“I’d rather keep him on the lookout”

“The idea of ​​marriage scares me”, Shakira told in an interview on the podcast ‘Planet Weird’. The singer has always considered that there is something exciting in remaining “boyfriends”, instead of becoming husband and wife. “It’s like that forbidden fruit, I prefer to keep him attentive and that he thinks that everything is possible, depending on his behavior”.

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Attention: of his behavior. Some people think that Shakira Piqué’s behavior didn’t please him in recent months. And not so much, no, because of the media noise, because she (problems and lawsuits with the Treasury included) has well overcome that phase of stress, of pressure, but because of her relationship as a couple. It has not gone unnoticed, on social networks, the fact that the most outstanding appearances of the singer in the cloud have been solo.

star appearance

A photo with her children (“just with a kiss, they cure everything and make it worthwhile to continue fighting for them!”), together with their ‘chef’ at their house in Esplugas, in Barcelona, ​​and, more recently, in a spectacular appearance, in the best style of Angelina Jolie at the gala of the Oscars of 2012in a black dress with a sweetheart neckline by Mônot, semi-transparent gloves, sandals, loose wavy hair, Chopard jewelry and a wide opening in her skirt, showing her left leg, at the premiere of ‘Elvis’, the film about the rock legend what Baz Luhrmann has done.

They are droplets that fill the glass with rumours, with reality, with details, with suspicions. And it is that Shakira and her sophisticated image team, which must have it, do not stitch without thread. And it is that the singer released ‘Me enamoré’, in April 2017, dedicated to Piqué. “My life began to change the night I met you; she had little to lose and things went on like this; me with my striped bra and my half-done hair; I thought: what am I going to do to it? It’s what I was looking for; the doctor recommending, I thought I was dreaming, oh, oh (…) look what pretty eyes, I’ll stay another little while, with you I would have ten children, let’s start with a couple “.

Disillusionment of the singer

And, yes, true, everyone, even the musical, even the ‘Shakira lobby’, was in charge of airing that this song, like others, was dedicated to the ‘great captain’ culé. And yet, no one, no one, has noticed this time, has aired, strange, isn’t it?, that the Colombian singer has been able to use the same means of communication, of expression, of rage, to show, very recently, the disenchantment of her, her ‘desensitization’, in the situation you are experiencing with your partner.

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The surprise appearance, very recently, of a single, which is not part of any album (at the moment), entitled, nothing more and nothing less, ‘I congratulate you’, is being considered by a large part of the audience, even the azulgrana environment, as a clear reference to possible disagreements that have caused the loneliness (fun, talkative, youthful) of a Piqué, who has returned to his flat from Muntaner street.

The lyrics of ‘I congratulate you’ could not be more forcefulnor more expressive, nor more revealing, than Shakira thinks, that, possibly, tomorrow she will make a statement denying that those lyrics, which she sings with Rauw Alejandro, current partner of Rosaliadoes not refer to his partner.

“To complete you I broke into pieces; I was warned, but I didn’t listen; I realized that yours is false; it was the drop that overflowed the glass; don’t tell me you’re sorry, that seems sincere, but I know you well and I know you lie; I congratulate you, how well you act, of that I have no doubt; continue with your role, that show looks good on you”, starts the song, which continues: “I don’t buy that cheap philosophy, I’m sorry, I don’t ride that motorcycle anymore; I can’t stand two-faced people; I put my hands on the fire for you and you treat me like one more of your cravings; your wound did not open my skin, but it did open my eyes; I have them red from crying so much for you; and, now, it turns out that you feel it; It sounds sincere, but I know you well and I know that you lie; I congratulate you, you act well”.

“How come I’ve been so blind”

Suddenly a single, suddenly that hardness, suddenly photos alone, like a diva in Cannes and singing “you lost someone real (Ah), something told me why we didn’t flow (Wuh!)….I didn’t block you on the networks so that you can see the other one in Mercede (Yah!), don’t tell me any more stories, I don’t want to know; how is it that I have been so blind and could not see; You should be given an Oscar, you’ve done so well.”

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