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How to dry your clothes indoors in winter without fear of humidity


Although winter is one of the favorite times for people to stay at home warm and watching series, it is not for those who have to do the wash and they do not have drying machine. Between the cold, the wind and the rain, hanging clothes outside is a bit complicated and that is why, on many occasions, it is necessary to lay it out inside the house. Next, we will show a few tricks for those who fear humidity for drying clothes indoors:

  • It’s very important put the washing machine often, so you will have a lot more space to lay it out and it will not accumulate.

  • Choose the suitable clothesline, It is much better one that you can place in the warmest places of the home, near windows (in order to ventilate) and, if possible, where the sun shines.

  • Try to place the clothesline near the radiators Because this way with the heat that they give off, your clothes can dry before and it will be easier to avoid smelling of humidity.

  • Even if, avoid everything you can dry your clothes on the radiators as it could either shrink or become harder.

  • Use hangers to hang clothes, this way it will be faster and easier to dry and, so that it will wrinkle less.

  • Try to remove excess water of clothes, if the garment is washed by hand it is as simple as wringing the garment as much as possible and if it is machine washed, use the spin mode.

  • Yes you shake the clothes Before laying it out, you not only avoid excess moisture, but you also avoid wrinkles.

  • Another trick is open the window in order to avoid dampness.

Other tricks

Other products that can be very useful against dampness (which can not only affect our clothes, but also the walls and even health) are portable dehumidifiers, which can also be placed in any room in the house. In Amazon, there is a great variety and this one, which is sold from 49.99 euros, consists of “efficient dehumidification and low energy consumption” as defined on the website. What’s more, does not make any noise annoying and can be used in a range of 10-25 m2 and 15 m2.

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