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Ibiza hosts the first edition of the International Influencers Awards


The next 5th June will be held at the prestigious Club Mess Ibiza the first edition of the International Influencer Awardsan event that will bring together digital talent and content creators from around the world to recognize their ability to generate positive impact in society.

30+ social media stars will walk the ‘white carpet’ of the awards, and will be eligible to receive the title of most influential profile in the following categories: Travel, Wellness, Fitness, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Tik Tok, Revelation, Music and Best in the World.

The list of nominees includes profiles of all kinds and from different places on the planet with a common link: they have turned their digital channels into a means of communication with a global reach to connect with millions of people, making them participants in their lives, values ​​and projects.

Names like the TikTok stars stand out Domelipa, the Martinez TwinsBrianda and Twin Melody; the latin phenomenon Juanpa Zurita; the American and world ‘top 5’ in Fitness, Jen Selter; football player Sergio Robert; the model Coral Simanovich; the expert in yoga, sport and wellness Xuan Luan; the italian ‘it girl’ Eleonora Carisi; or the polish Wave Nowakconsidered by ‘Forbes’ as one of the 10 most influential women in the world, or the naturist Gotzon Mantuliz.

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In addition, the most recognized ‘influencers’ on the national scene will attend, such as Marta Pombo, María F. Rubies, Natalia Osona, Grace Villareal or Laura Matamoros, and the designer Pelayo Díaz.

Francisco Larrey, director of the International Influencers Awards, explained that the event “goes far beyond an award ceremony”. We have designed in detail three days of unique experiences so that all the guests can get to know the essence of Ibiza”, he assured.

Three days during which the ‘influencers’ will be able to discover its best gastronomy, fashion and shows. Moments that, of course, they will share with all their followers.

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