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India Martínez worries her followers by showing her face after suffering an allergic reaction


Singer India Martinez has aroused some concern in his followers this Saturday by publishing a video on instagram in which he shows his expensive totally swollen by an alleged allergic reaction to something that she herself does not know.

“I’m a little bug… Again allergy to I don’t know what…. This time I did not take medication, since I have verified that it happens to me with Ibuprofen and its derivatives. I think that these things happen to more than one of us… Let’s see if we find what it is”, the Cordovan woman has written at the bottom of the video, not without adding a joking touch: “If one day you see me like this out there, don’t be scared hehehe”.

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In addition, Martínez has explained in his Instagram stories that the facial recognition of his iPhone, because of the modification that his face has undergone.

breakout all over the body

Apart from the swelling all over his face, in the images Martínez shows how the reaction also spreads through the rest of the bodywith what appear to be some sort of rashes which, as she describes herself, “they sting”.

The video accumulates more than 30,000 ‘likes’ and more than 3,000 commentsincluding messages of encouragement from people known as Paula Echevarría, Vikika Costa, Tamara Gorro, Pitingo or Cristina Cifuentes.

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