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International Influencer Awards | Ibiza, ‘influencer’ territory


totally my style“writes Ola Nowak (1.7 million followers on Instagram) about an image in which garments from Tony Bonet’s latest collection are seen. The Polish woman, one of the half a hundred influencers invited this weekend by the International Influencer Awards, is one of the few, if not almost the only one, that early on Sunday afternoon had shared some of the Adlib fashion with her followers, who had set up for them a kind of show room and pop-up shop in the gardens of Atzaró, one of the stops planned by the organization. Of course, few could see it, since just a few hours later Nowak made his profile private. Gracy Villarreal (624,000 followers on Instagram) turns her eyes towards the ‘espardenyes’ and the jewels, like most of the guests, who walk between the stalls of the seven designers of Ibiza who participate in the day: K de Kose-Kose, Elisa Pomar, S72Hat, Ivanna Mestres, Espardenyes Torres, Estrivancus, Ibiza Stones and the aforementioned Tony Bonet. Something falls. If not, tell Marta Pombo (618,000) that in the early afternoon she boasts of the ring that her husband, Luis Zamalloa, has given her. Of course, neither label the designer nor Adlib.

Not all the influencers are there. Some have preferred to sleep it off after the intense party on Saturday and others, on the other hand, have opted for the beach. This is the case of Laura Matamoros (one million followers) who broadcasts her day at es Jondal based on stories: the hammock, the bikini, the sand and the sea, the bougainvillea, the aubergines, the clams, the macaroni with caviar , the toast also with caviar… Faye Winter and Teddy Soares (1.2 and a million) are among those who also choose to run away from the group and enjoy the beach club, according to what they show on their social networks. In the agritourism, Domelipa (18.4 million) enjoys the cocktail and the music and is in pain while they heal a wound on the little finger of her right foot while Xuan Lan (645,000), who has started the morning, of course, practicing yoga in the gardens of the establishment, chat with those responsible for the Ibiza Preservation Fund.

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Most of those who have adhered to the program they drink, eat, pose, talk, dance, walk and record, especially they record during the last of the scheduled events before the awards ceremony, scheduled for Sunday night in Lío. An event with a white carpet, like the island, and in which awards were given to the best prescribers in various categories: fashion, travel, lifestyle, wellness, fitness, TikTok and beauty, among others.

Juanpa Zurita (29.4 million followers on Instagram) won the award for Best International Influencer of 2022 at a gala in which ten other prescribers were awarded: Raya Bouallegue in the Travel category, Xuan Lan in the welfare Jen Selter in Fitness, Pelayo Diaz in the Fashion section, Ikram Adli in beauty, Mary Pombo in Lifestyle, Domelipa won the award for the best ‘tiktokera’, the Twin Melody in the Trendy category, hannah stocking in the Entertainment and Martinez Brothers They were consecrated as this year’s Revelation Influencers.

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From the Consell de Ibiza they detail that the action to promote Adlib fashion in the International Influencers Awards has had “a maximum cost of 20,000 euros” to which must be added the up to 70,000 that it plans to contribute to the event, organized by an external company . The institution, which details that the modification of Fecoev’s budget for this was approved in the past plenary session, clarifies the maximum cost in both cases because the organizers “must prove that the Adlib and Ibiza brands have had a minimal impact in order to justify the sponsorship”.

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