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Jaime Lorente will not fight in the Ibai Llanos Evening of the Year


Last February the streamer Ibai Llanos announced who would star in the fights of The Soiree of Year 2, the second edition of the boxing event organized by the young Basque. The big surprise was the announcement by actor Jaime Lorente as one of the participants, who would fight in the ring against content creator Mr. Jagger. However, yesterday it was revealed that the actor will finally not be able to fight in the sporting event that will be held on June 25 at the Badalona Olympic Pavilion.

On a Twitch stream, Ibai Llanos explained yesterday that Jaime Lorente has work commitments that prevent him from participating in La Velada. Specifically, there is a clause in the current work contract of the Murcian actor for which he cannot put his physique at risk, so he cannot risk getting into the ring.

“He knew that he had to record a series in the summer and told us that there was no problem, then it seemed that the series was not going to put them on either. But suddenly it was no longer possible. We tried to solve it and we want to thank Jaime because he put everything on his part so that it could be. But it couldn’t be done,” Ibai said yesterday.

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Who will replace Jaime Lorente in The Evening of Year 2?

The one selected to replace Jaime Lorente has left everyone with their mouths open and has caused a stir in networks. It will be the legendary Spanish pop singer, David Bustamante, who has shown on several occasions that physical exercise takes up time in his day-to-day life and even He has already practiced boxing before.

Thus, it is postulated as a worthy rival of Mr. Jagger, one of the favorites of the public, who is “delighted” that Bustamante is his new opponent. “He is the one who excited him the most, he is happy that he is his rival,” Ibai Llanos pointed out.

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The other matches of The Evening of Year 2 remain: Momo vs. Viruzz, Carola vs. Spursito, Ari Gameplays vs. Paracetamor and Luzu vs. Lolita.

The artists that will perform at La Soiree del Año 2

Music will liven up the Evening and yesterday Ibai also announced who would perform at the Badalona Olympic Pavilion on June 25.

Bizarrap, Duki, Nicki Nicole and Rels B They are the four artists who will be at the Evening to turn it into an urban music festival.

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