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Jenna Ortega will give life to Wednesday in the new ‘spin off’ of the ‘Addams Family’ directed by Tim Burton


The Addams are back. The gloomy television family born in the 60s returns to the small screen, and it does so with a ‘spin off which will focus on one of his most iconic and beloved characters. ‘Wednesday’ can be seen on Netflix next fall. It is directed by the renowned Tim Burtonand the young actress Jenna Ortega She will be in charge of getting into the skin of the mythical teenager with braids, a black dress and a face of few friends.

With a director who is more than used to dark stories and a performer who has already been seen in many other horror productions, such as ‘Scream’ and ‘The Babysitter’the series has become one of the most anticipated premieres on the platform.

teen dramas

It will consist of eight episodes in which, according to the synopsis advanced by Netflix, the protagonist’s time as a student at the Nevermore Academy will be recounted. In this center, she will aim to master her psychic abilitiesin addition to helping to stop a series of murders that have everyone frightened and discover a paranormal mystery in which his parents were involved more than two decades ago. All this while he manages the typical dramas of adolescence.

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have already been made public first images of ‘Wednesday’, in which it has been possible to see what it will look like in production. Ortega appears characterized with the gloomy appearance of the first-born of the Addams, and next to her, Thing, the hand that is part of the family. The two characters recreate the recognizable clicks from the original film’s soundtrack.

luxury cast

The protagonist is accompanied by a cast made up of Catherine Zeta-Jonesin the skin of Morticia; Luis Guzmanwho will give life to Gómez and Gwendoline Christie, in the character of the director of the Nevermore Academy. In addition, it highlights the expected Return of Cristina Riccithe actress who originally played Wednesday in the first film, and whose role still remains secret.

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Now Ortega revives the eldest daughter of the peculiar family with great enthusiasm: “Putting myself in the shoes of someone who is a little more eccentric and terrifying has been really exciting for me, and definitely a challenge. Especially with such a beloved character, I really want to take care of her and do her justice“, explained the young woman during the presentation of the series.

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