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Letizia wears a Ukrainian-inspired blouse in rejection of the war


The styling of the Queen Letizia never leaves anyone indifferent and on this occasion he wanted to take advantage of his visit to the Madrid Auditorium, where he participated in the delivery of the Grants for Social Projects of the Mutua Madrileña Foundationfor send a message across your whole. She has done it wearing a blouse inspired by a traditional Ukrainian garment, the ‘vyshyvanka’. In this way he has decided to show his support for those affected by the war.

The ‘vyshyvanka’ (meaning ’embroidery’, from the Ukrainian ‘вишива́нка’ or ‘виши́ванка’) or also known as ‘sorochka’ is the traditional garment of Ukraine. For someone outside the Ukrainian culture, the garment is simply a beautiful clothing accessory, very beautiful. But for a native or connoisseur of such folklore, wearing the ‘vyshyvanka’ is a special emotional and spiritual event. It means everything; everything good. It symbolizes love, well-being, health, family, decency, festivity, beauty, tradition, and patriotism.

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Letizia’s shirt was adorned with a colorful geometric embroidery on the chest and sleeves, and two cords topped with tassels that fall from the neckline. Details that have taken all the prominence of the ‘look’.

The queen wanted to combine this very special blouse with a black dress pants ‘paper bag’ style High-waisted, belted at the waist with a black belt. As for the accessories, he has opted for something sober and refined, a black wallet by Carolina Herreraa set of gold earrings and a ring by designer Karen Hallam that we have already seen in the monarch on several occasions.

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gesture of solidarity

A whole staging conceived as a gesture of solidarity and commitment with the victims of the war, days after her husband, the king Philip VIcondemned the invasion of this country by Russia.

He did so during his opening speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​where he defined the conflict as “a threat to Europe and the world order that concerns us all”.

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