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Loewe show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week


And on the sixth day of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Loewe made believe weed in shoes. That’s how impressive was the latest collection by British designer Jonathan Anderson for the Spanish firm, which at his parade in Paris showed that fashion, technology Y nature they still have a lot of capacity to surprise.

The Pierre de Coubertin stadium, on the outskirts of Paris, hosted the presentation of this spring-summer 2023 collection, shown on a sloped runway illuminated with natural light. The models emerged by climbing a staircase and descended towards the guests in a kind of white slope.

Although the line was full of numerous promises of commercial successes, especially the sneakers planted with grass stood out, a collaboration that the creative designer of Loewe has developed together with Paula Ulargui from Navarra. At 24 years old, the Spanish designer has drawn the attention of the international press and other creators by working with plants that grow on clothes, specifically now on Loewe sneakers but also on coats and pants.

“Yesterday we were watering all afternoon,” a team member commented backstage.

The idea, poetic and somewhat extravagant, will be marketed, according to Anderson announced after the parade. “We’re going to play with that idea that you can buy seeds that come with the garment and you can experiment with it yourself, like a child. We’re going to do different things about growing in the store,” said the creator.

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nature and technology

The relationship between nature and technology was a constant in this men’s show by Loewe, which in recent seasons has been shown more and more determined to experiment and place bets that “in twenty years they can become a reality, instead of not trying anything,” in Anderson’s words.

If so, and if what was seen in the parade becomes a trend, we will soon have coats with screens on the street, t-shirts where the prints go on mini screens that can change and even face masks with video playback. “It’s as if we ourselves became screens,” said the 37-year-old Briton, who received loud applause at the end of the parade.

Poetry of the digital world

This use of technology already had a place in his previous men’s collection, in which he included lights on shirts and trench coats, like the one worn this Saturday by one of the guests, the Colombian singer J Balvin.

It’s a collection about progress. Technology advances at great speed and fashion works more and more in metaverses, and maybe it should talk more about the physical and what is inside the space,” Anderson told the press, convinced that relationships can be taken advantage of. What is between nature and technology?

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In order not to leave behind the physical, the creator bet heavily on make leggings the next must-have of the men’s wardrobe: in black, red, multicolored and with patterns, but in any case elastic, in striking colors and tight to the leg. If at the bottom the clothes were tight, the sweatshirts and coats were bulky and even swollen in appearance, in one of the collections in which Loewe used leather the most, as in sneakers made entirely of leather and that looked like balloons.

Anderson again bet on transform the Flamenco bag, one of the hallmarks of Loewe accessories that for several months has also been presented in a boot version. All in all, a particularly poetic vision of the digital age and the possibilities of a world that is sometimes frightening but in which it is increasingly important to take risks and innovate, also in fashion.

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