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Lucía Dominguín: “You learn a lot when you read with passion”


Q. You grew up in the habit of reading. Was it a matter of his mother?R. Yes, we read the books that my mother had on Greek mythology, the librettos of the operas, or Tintin, the adventures of The Five (Enid Blyton) and the Italian comics that she collected. Already with my small children we sat around the table or in front of the fireplace to read. Now I also do it when I catch one of them. We read in audio book mode and then there is debate. The last one was with my son Olfo, we read Captain Thunder’s son, of my brother Miguel. It is interesting and curious to read a story that you have been part of.

Q. Has any story made you laugh and cry at the same time? Or anguish.R. crying and laughing the humor of my lifeby Paz Padilla. What he says reached me deep inside, I understood my grieving processes, with laughter and sorrow, of struggle, of indifference. If it’s heartbreak, Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

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P. Sometimes you have to establish a duel with the phrases. R. Sure, sometimes I struggle with words and I have to read a chapter two or three times because I need to squeeze everything in and assimilate it all to enjoy reading. It is that it is essential to read and understand to get out of your environment, to love, cook, travel and above all to dream and for your personal growth, because a book read at sixteen is not the same as at forty.

P. That title that you do not forget?R. Perfume by Patrick Süskind, for the way the story takes you to places that you sense are terrifying, but as beautiful as they are forbidden. The description of the smells and flavors is impressive. now i’m with The Tibetan book of life and death by Sogyal Rinpoche. It is teaching, unknown culture, option to a new belief, projection of life and preparation for death, which in my opinion is very important in these moments of uncertain future. It is nothing depressing, it is a book of divine teachings and very intriguing.

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Q. Do you read in Italian, your mother tongue?R. In a time of passionate love he read prose in Italian, and devoured scripts to write poetry. He learns a lot when you read with passion.

P. Do you discriminate genres or read a little of everything?R. No, it depends on the moment and what they are saying, how much I want to laugh or cry. I like biographies, for example, the one about Eleanor of Aquitaine strong woman, lover of her principles, defender of the troubadours, vegetarian. I have also read film scripts, speeches, presentations. What I don’t read are newspapers, I stopped reading them in the last century because the news is alphabet soup.

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