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‘Mamarazzis’ of May 4: Mediaset dusts the ‘pim-pam’ of Terelu Campos and Pipi Estada


On Wednesdays they wake up with gossip magazines at the kiosk, but today the news of the patriotic ‘famous’ is brought by the ‘mamarazzis‘ of THE NEWSPAPER.

The signing of pipi stay for the program’Save me‘ from Telecinco has uncovered the box of thunder, specifically that of the relationship that he kept with Terelu Campos between 2003 and 2006. The couple ended very badly because the collaborator of ‘El Chiringuito’ published some memoirs about the sex life of the couple

From that idyll, the ‘pim-pam’ that both starred in a discotheque. Pipi is determined to lift the rug to make that stage profitable. Instead, Terelu warns of the risks that this may entail, in relation to seeing each other’s faces again in the courts.

In it chapter 10 of the videopodcastmamarazzis‘, Laura Fa Y Lorraine Vazquez They have dealt with the return of the journalist to Mediaset more than 10 years later. The reason is not innocent: the experts of the pink press speak of “open warbetween Terelu and Pipi. What’s more, they assure that “there are shady episodes” between them.

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The heat they had on the Madrid night dancing very close is a taboo subject for a member of the Clan Campos and, according to parce, it would remain in an anecdote with what can come to the fore.

The “lies” of Marta Riesco

Marta Riesco is still on the crest of the wave. But of the controversy. The current couple Anthony David Flores assures that he received a call from the director of the magazine ‘readings‘, louis pliego. In that conversation, the reporter from Ana Rose ensures that he participated Rocio Carrasco to offer him a slot at his next concert to sing his ‘Don’t be afraid’ in honor of Dew Sworn.

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The ex-wife of the former civil guard flatly denies it. In fact, ‘Sálvame’ provided some images of the restaurant while the alleged call was taking place and they would come to show that Rociíto did not participate in the plot.

“Marta Riesco lies”, affirmed Fa and Vázquez in the video podcast that they broadcast every Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. on the profile of Instagram Y Facebook of THE NEWSPAPER. To corroborate his words, they have analyzed Riesco’s umpteenth controversy and how he can harm messing with the daughter of ‘the greatest’.

Reunion between Chenoa and Elena Tablada

Beyond the controversies, ‘Mamarazzis’ has echoed the photos of the reunion between Chenoa and Elena Tablada, the two exes of David Bisbal, in Madrid. Both were smiling and complicit during a publicity event and assured that time heals everything. “It was a cordial and natural meeting,” Vázquez and Fa assured.

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