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Mamarazzis: The most curious photo of the week: what unites Resines and the Infanta Cristina?


The gossip magazine stomp on this Wednesday and that is pure delight for the ‘mamarazzis‘, Laura Fa Y Lorraine Vazquez. So much so that the journalists have not agreed to choose what is the big news of the week in the paper couché. Vázquez opts for the front page of ‘Semana’, which shows the friendship that the infant Christina with the actor Anthony Resines under a suggestive headline. “I love this one binomialit can not be more surreal“, Vázquez has stated. But that the king’s sister Philip VI be seen after it emerged that her still husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, maintains a relationship with Ainhoa ​​Armentia, is the real news. And this is when the ‘Mamarazzis’ have entered the rag.

The magazine ‘Hello!’ reports this Wednesday that there will be no divorce between the infanta and Urdangarin “until after the summer“. “But Cristina will come more often to Spaineven if you maintain your residence in Swiss“, Vázquez has explained. This information is not trivial, since the magazine “always rows in favor of the Royal House”, the journalist has recalled. That is why, it is titled that “a smile that says it all”.

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“You get used to the horns”

“Christina is more than single and has left his married life behind. Has a social life quite active and reappears in official acts“, Vázquez has reported. So, the ‘Mamarazzis’ have exchanged some phrases that are worthy of good salseo. We will not make any ‘spoilers’, but we leave you the lace that Fa has left: “You get used to the horns little by little “.

Victoria Federica breaks up with Jorge Bárcenas

Speaking of infantas… it’s ‘Hello!’ who also tells exclusively that Victoria Federica has broken up with Jorge Barcenas. After almost three years of love with the DJ, “the ‘influencer’ has returned to her mother’s house, the Infanta Elena“, The journalist explained. Of course, before making the move, she went to spend a few days in Milan with her friends.

The bottom of the dress of María Teresa Campos

Fa is an indisputable fan of the covers of ‘Readings’, who this week has bought the images of the wedding of the son of Carmen Borrego. The bride and the ‘looks’ of the guests have been the talk of the town chapter 12 of the video podcast. The bride, the great protagonist of such an event, appears at one end of the photographs. She is more, she even appears cut on the cover. On the other hand the Clan Campos is the star.

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Vázquez has not been able to ignore the hem of the dress Maria Theresa Fields. “They’re not well made,” she has said before describing her outfit. Terelu as a “pyjama” and denouncing that in May “flesh-colored stockings” are no longer worn. For her part, Fa has given details of a “controversial” wedding: “The son regrets having sold his wedding,” she said. In addition, the journalist has named the three notable absences from the gala, which substantially deflated the cache of the exclusive.

Laura Matamoros and Benji Aparicio: another way, will there be a return?

The ‘Mamarazzis’ have also talked about the umpteenth break between Laura Matamoros Y benji aparicio five months after welcoming her second child and how she recovers Bethlehem Esteban of his fractured tibia and fibula. Among other topics, they have also imagined what the visit of the king emeritus John Charles I a Sansenxo.

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