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Marcos Luengo, designer: “Throughout the north there is good taste in fashion, but I miss designer stores”


Mark Luengo (Grado, Asturias, 1964) is one of the most popular Spanish designers on the exclusive international fashion scene. Since 2016 he is a regular at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the great fashion week held in Madrid. Passionate about art and literature, a graduate in Psychology from the University of Oviedo and an English teacher before immersing himself fully in the world of design, he has admired beautiful things and aesthetics full of special details since he was a child.

With his wife, veronica whitethe commercial part of the business and its great inspiration, founded the “Marcos Luengo” brand in 2011, a banner with stores in Oviedo and Madrid that walks around the world and adds clients who love these timeless clothes, based on good cuts and craftsmanship. Marcos and Verónica are the perfect tandem. They have known each other since childhood. They started making leather goods and from there they jumped to fur coats. Then came everything else. His pieces are sold in Milan, Panama, Miami either London.

Profusion of young talent

Luengo’s footsteps on the catwalks are followed in Asturias by young creators such as Lucia Incera, Cyrana either Arturo Obejero, settling in Paris, with promising careers and a distinct style of his own. Incera won the Young Designers of Spain contest in 2013 and since then has not stopped working; Cyrana stands out for her perfect cuts and delicate leather work, and Obejero dresses rock stars like singer Harry Styles.

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Clients arrive in Oviedo by private plane to order Marcos Luengo. Among the Spanish women who adore Marcos Luengo’s clothing is Sonsoles Diez de Rivera, Marchioness of Llanzoldaughter of Sonsoles de Icaza, the one who best wore the costumes of Balenciaga. The Queen Letizia He has also worn Asturian clothing that fills the art catwalks, and he does it literally, because he loves collaborating with painters and sculptors who enrich his collections. In 2007 he opened the first store in the Asturian capital. In 2015 he opened an atelier in Madrid and in 2017, another store in Callejón de Jorge Juan, in the Neighborhood of salamanca. His daughters, Carmen and Teresa, continue in his footsteps in the company. This successful career is on this occasion the protagonist of “Pride is written with H”, the campaign promoted by the technology company HONOR to dismantle clichés, in this case from the world of fashion, and promote Asturias in Spain through Prensa Ibérica, a group to which this newspaper belongs.

Talent to apply effort

“For many generations in Spain we dedicated ourselves to copying what was done outside. We must be aware that we have a cultural baggage, a craft, that we have to believe it and go for it,” says Luengo. “You have to be original, but at the same time real. You have to be very, very, very clear about who this product is aimed at; what is your customer profile, what are their interests, in order to empathize. You have to have something in common with him”, adds the designer. “Talent is knowing where to apply your effortand do it in what you are competitive in, because maybe if you insist on singing and you don’t have a voice… you can imagine”.

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“How well you dress in Asturias”

“Whenever you go out of Asturias you realize that everyone, when you tell them that you are Asturian, says ‘How well you dress in Asturias’. Throughout the north there are good taste in fashion. It is true that a few years ago there were many more signature stores, with a person who made a selection of products from all over the world and who gave a lot of identity to the offer. Now this is being lost with globalization,” says Luengo, who misses that differentiation. In his case, he tries to cultivate it and for this he has a clear rule: not to follow trends.

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