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Marta Riesco and Antonio David Flores walk their love through Mallorca


They have starred in hundreds of hours of television and dozens of covers in gossip magazines.. Anthony David Flores Y Martha Riesco They have become in a short time one of the most famous couples in the world of heart and have visited this weekend Mallorca, invited by their host, businessman Bruno da Silva and his wife, Tracey. The couple stated yesterday afternoon that they are leaving the island with very pleasant memories and, above all, grateful for the treatment received from the people with whom they have been.

Although Antonio David and Marta They have been in a relationship for several months, they had never traveled together. And they have decided that their first trip is to Mallorca. Yesterday they were seen with a lot of complicity, pending each other at all times. And they attended to all those who recognized them on the street and wanted to take a picture with them.

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The Telecinco journalist, who worked on ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ and ‘It’s already eight o’clock’, confessed that it was the second time she had traveled to Mallorca, although the first time she was very young and she barely remembers. Now, however, she takes away from these three days on the island “unbeatable memories. They have treated us very well, people have been very kind to us.”

Antonio David Flores, After spending several months complicated by the broadcast of the docuseries starring his ex-wife, Rocío Carrasco, He assured that people are very supportive of him and that he appreciates all these shows of support. Unlike his partner, Marta, Antonio David Flores knows the island very well, because he has family in Calvià, and he affirms that every time he leaves the only thing he thinks about is returning because he feels very comfortable and very well treated in Mallorca. It is impossible for such a well-known and popular couple to go unnoticed when they walk down the street or enter a local. They assume this situation and appreciate the signs of affection that people showed them. But at least during these short, but intense vacations, they have not been followed by television cameras. Marta Riesco and Antonio David Flores spent the day this Sunday in the Platja de Palma area. They had lunch at the Alfaro restaurant and later went to the Marina, where they returned at night for dinner. The couple stated that they feel very comfortable and both agree that their love, despite the difficulties they have had to suffer and overcome, is very deep. Their host proposed that they get married in Mallorca, an offer that Marta Riesco did not rule out.

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What they did promise is to return to the island soon.

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