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Meghan Markle tries to avoid going through the courts for the defamation case that pits her against her stepsister


The television interview Meghan Markle and Prince Harry granted to the North American presenter Oprah Winfrey in 2021 continues to raise controversy more than a year later. this time it is Samantha Markle, stepsister of the ‘Suits’ actressthe one that initiates the dispute, assuring that everything that was reported in that program is totally false.

The former actress explained that during her childhood she had felt as if she were an only child, described as “difficult” the environment of his paternal familyand claimed that she had to pay all her college expenses herself without help.

preppy princess

Samantha reacted furiously to these statements, and did not hesitate to deny everything in subsequent interviews, or to openly criticize her little sister in her autobiography, entitled ‘Diary of the sister of a posh princess’where he defines her as a spoiled girl who had been given everything and who, far from being grateful, has ended up denying her past and hers.

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Months later, the eldest Markle decided to take the situation to court, where filed a libel suit against the Duchess of Sussexalleging that the ‘former royal’ premeditatedly damaged her reputation by falsely speaking of the economic difficulties she suffered during her childhood, for which she demands a severance pay of $67,000 for “the humiliation, shame and hatred on a global scale” that Meghan’s words caused him.

Now, lawyers for Prince Harry’s wife are asking the court handling the case to dismiss samantha’s casesince they say that “in no case can a mere subjective account of the experiences that someone lived and the feelings of childhood and adolescence be considered defamatory. It is a perception that in no case is subject to the parameters of the false and It is impossible to imagine something more personal and authentic than the way in which each one sees his childhood. It is still a subjective and personal statement about how someone feels in their childhood“, They assure in their response to the accusation.

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The strategy of Meghan Markle’s legal team would consist of Get them to reject the complaint to avoid going through the courts at all costs.but even if she manages to avoid going to court, the relationship between her and her paternal family already seems doomed.

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