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Meghan Markle’s father admitted after suffering a stroke


Meghan Markle goes through a family crisis again, and this time the state of health of his father, Thomas Markle, which has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke last Monday night.

the father-in-law of prince henry was in Tijuana when he suffered the first signs of a stroke. It was rushed across the border that separates Mexico and the United States, and is located admitted to a hospital in Chula Vista, in San Diego County, California.

According to the American portal TMZ, Markle, 77, arrived at the center by ambulance, with a oxygen mask and together with a group of toilets, whom he had to describe his symptoms by writing on a piece of paper, as he was unable to speak.

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For now, his current health status is unknownand the only thing that is known is that it is being subjected to various tests to find out the level of seriousness of the spill, and also discover if there are other parts affected.

Dart against Meghan

His daughter, Samantha MarkleMeghan’s stepsister, has told the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’, that they have long been concerned about the high blood pressure that his father suffered from, and has asked for “respect and privacy for the family for his health and well-being”.

However, he has also taken the opportunity to throw a dart at meghanin some harsh statements that he dedicated to him: “It is almost a joke the way in which he has been tortured and everything he has gone through due to my sister’s indifference in recent years. It is unforgivable,” he assured.

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It was already known that the relationship between the family was turbulent, because there is a defamation suit against the Duchess of Sussex, whom they accuse of “false and malicious statements” she made during her television interview with Oprah Winfrey last year.

This event does nothing but add tension to Meghan Markle’s life, and all this a few days after her long-awaited return to the UK with Prince Henry, to celebrate the platinum jubilee Queen isabel II.

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