Home Celebrities Miss Ukraine joins the defense of her country dressed as a military

Miss Ukraine joins the defense of her country dressed as a military


The Ukrainian ranks are going to have, if the initiative goes beyond the photo, an unusual member. Anastasia Lena, who was Miss Ukraine in 2015 and today is a professional model has decided ditch your glamorous outfits to dress in a military uniform and carry spectacular war weapons as a sign of acceptance of the request that President Zelensky sent to the Ukrainian population, to whom he offered weapons to defend themselves against the Russian invasion. She shows it on her Instagram account, a social network that she is very active on. All in all, Lena hasn’t lost her manners and her posing in military gear is very much like a runway show. In the networks, the old miss assures: “We are with Ukraine”.

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The model has 120,000 followers on her Instagram account, which she has taken advantage of, since the Russian occupation, to launch messages related to raising aid and financial donations for her country.

Anastasia Lena has a degree in marketing and management from Kiev University. She also worked in Turkey as a public relations manager, an activity that she abandoned for the catwalks.

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