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Multiple creepy dolls wash up on the Texas coast


The fight to save the environment It is becoming more and more important, that is why there are organizations dedicated to cleaning the beaches where there are, among others, birds, sea turtles or marine mammals in danger of extinction. for not adapting to the coastal ecosystem or because they are trapped by plastics, other containers or waste that humans throw.

But among plastics and other random objects, in Texas there is one in particular that stands out: the creepy dolls.

Researchers at the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Reserve have found dozens of dolls while inspecting the stretches of beach between Padre Island and Matagorda Island -southeast Texas-, according to the American magazine Smithsonian.

Still not known the reason for the appearance of the dolls which, in particular, are followed finding on the beach. From the Reserve, the team has denounced and has tried to raise awareness of the irresponsibility of launching such objects, because they end up reaching the sea. As the magazine explains, Texas beaches receive 10 times more trash than other states from the north-central United States along the Gulf of Mexico.

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A study of ScienceDirect points out that heThe appearance of these is due to a circular current of the flow of warm water traveling from the Caribbean to the Gulf. Thus, with the collaboration of different organizations that investigate the Gulf of Mexico, it was concluded that the majority of debris was plastic and that the amount of garbage was piled up especially in the spring and summer.

the mystery of the dolls

But, apart from finding plastics, the most remarkable were -and are- the dolls. Thus, scientists began to highlight since then that they found such toys on the coasts on a regular basis and they began to publish it on their social networks such as Facebook.

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there were some publications that were more successful than othersfor example, one that was very successful turned out to be head of a sex dolland that the reservation gained a lot of followers on the page after that, the magazine explains.

The point is that dolls continue to be found and, therefore, discoveries continue to be published on the social network. Therefore, would we be facing a saga of strange finds on the shores of the Gulf? Could be.

Many people can be uncomfortable, even provoke fearthe fact of finding a doll in poor condition, broken and floating in the sea. But there is a namel for fear of these dolls: pediophobiawhich falls back on the phobia of humanoid figures, known as automatonofobia.

Creepy doll.

Posted by Mission-Aransas Reserve on Friday, August 14, 2020

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