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Mysterious ‘Voyager 1’ data baffles NASA


The data picked up by the probe ‘voyager 1’which currently operates outside the Solar System, baffle the scientistswho are trying to figure out why the telemetry is not valid despite not being perceived no mistake in its operation.

“The readings of the attitude control and articulation system (AACS) of the probe do not reflect what is really happening a board“, has updated the POT on your mission tracking portal ‘voyager’.

No apparent complications

The AACS controls the orientation of the spacecraft, launched on September 5, 1977. This system is responsible for maintaining the antenna of ‘Voyager 1’ pointing to the landwhich allows you send information. For now, the AACS it’s still workingbut the telemetry data it returns are not valid: seem generated randomly or do not reflect no state possible where the AACS could be.

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The issue has not activated any system protection against failures on board, which is designed to put the spacecraft in “Safe Mode”a state in which only the operations are carried out essentialsgiving engineers time to to diagnose the error. The sign of the ‘Voyager 1’ has not been weakenedsuggesting that the high-gain antenna remains with the orientation adequate.

The longevity of the probes

Voyager 1 is currently at 23.3 billion kilometers from Earth, so light takes 20 hours and 33 minutes to traverse that difference. For this reason, it takes approximately two days to send a message and get a response, a delay to which the mission team is very used to.

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“A mystery like this is normal at this stage of the Voyager mission,” said Suzanne Dodd, project manager for the two Voyagers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. POTin the south of California. “The ships have almost 45 yearsmuch plus than the mission planners anticipated. We are also in the interstellar spacea high environment radiation in which none spaceship has flown before.”

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