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Nathy Peluso, star of Desigual


After releasing ‘Clambre’, his second studio album that has led him to lead the charts around the world, and won the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album, Nathy Peluso has become the image of Desigual for the fall-winter 2022-2023 collection.

In addition to the strength and power transmitted by a portrait of Peluso signed by the photographer Txema Yeste, and the ‘teaser’, directed by Pau López (Manson) in which the Argentine dances wearing a jumpsuit with a pronounced neckline, the images attract attention because for the first time Desigual, champion of color and patterns, 100% bet on black and white.

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A statement of intent with which the transgressive fashion brand wants “undress sincerely and introduce yourself again” to the public, as they point out in a statement.

In this way, Unequal, founded by Thomas Meyer in 1984, begins a new stage that will be announced next September with the collection starring the singer, who mixes rhythms between Latin and trap, rap and electronic.

Among the new proposals stand out more contemporary patterns with a focus on ‘trucker’ jackets, dresses, sweatshirts, ‘sneakers’ and sustainable garments.

In addition, the collection includes reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, with vintage-style geometric and psychedelic ‘prints’, patterns with a retro knit, ‘bleach denim’, ‘tops’, tight dresses and flared pants as some of the designs that the interpreter of ‘Mafiosa’ will wear.

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A collection that connects with nature in all its versions: large and mini flowers, camouflage prints, stones and minerals… Interseasonal garments that are easy to combine with a casual knit.

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